Baby bird- Quiet and aggressive.

by Zara
(Noosa, Queensland, Australia)

My new 9 week old Indian ringneck bird has sat at the bottom of the cage and hasn't made a sound. He is quiet and though moves around (struggles to get on the perch) seems to have a little trouble doing so. He is a little aggressive and strikes and hisses when i put my hand in the cage. He seems to be eating well, i have available at all times his parrot seed, and fresh fruit and veg, and a water bowl. On top of this, i hand feed him his formula 2-3 times a day, but doesn't beg for it, or want much at all. I don't want to hurt him by force feeding, do you recon i should keep giving him the formula?
Any suggestions would be great, i'm worried about him.Thankyou.