Baby bird with lump/cyst on wing

by Virginia Faas
(La Crescent, MN, US)

Bird w/cyst thingy

Bird w/cyst thingy

Hi. About 2.5 weeks ago we found a featherless baby bird at the base of a tree. After waiting about 8 hours to see if his mother would return we took him home and put him in an incubator. Kevin, the bird, has done well since. His tail feathers just came in. But yesterday he developed a lump/cyst under his right wing (see pic). If I didn't know better I'd say it looks like another crop...strange. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Jun 29, 2015
Same situation
by: Breanna

i found the same type of bird, i've had him for a few days and hes been eating good and he seems fine but i noticed he had the same lump and i've done more research and its pretty much the same thing.. i was just wondering how much it cost to get it drained and for the antibiotics

May 05, 2011
How is she doing?
by: Anonymous

Curious, I am looking at your article, and I am inquiring after the current state of the sparrow. How wonderful to be able to raise a wild songbird!

Jul 29, 2009
Response to Linda
by: Virginia Faas

Thanks Linda for the comments. We took Kevin to the vet yesterday and it turned out to be an infection. They lanced it and gave us some antibiotics. She seems to be doing well.

Yep, we moved Kevin out of the incubator once he was mostly feather (except for tail and head) and into a cage. He is eating seeds and bugs on his own (when we take him outside and place him in front of one).

We didn't realize that Kevin was a sparrow when we took him in. We have since read up a bit on sparrows and understand fully that she may never leave us fully. Out intent is to move her cage outside once she can fly and eventually build her a bird house (we'll research to find out what sparrows require for housing).

We're trying hard to do things the right way for her. If you have any more advice about Kevin please let me know.

Jul 28, 2009
by: Linda

Your bird will need to see an Avian Vet immediately, so make an appointment with one in your area. You are doing a good job with the bird, and this cyst is not natural or normal and indicates an infection possibly from an injury from falling out of tree and nest.

The other thing is that this is now YOUR BIRD. This baby has not been taught to find food for himself by his Mother, and will starve if you try and release him at this point. You can let him get fully feathered and well, and then you can put food and water for him outside, and put him in a tree so he can watch other birds find food. Make sure he has food and water at all times until you are sure he is able to feed himself, and this may be NEVER.

Right now, get him to an Avian vet so they may treat his sore wing. Continue to feed him until he has all his adult feathers. He does not need to be in an incubator if your house is at least 70 degrees. The incubator was good when he had no feathers at all, and it looks like he has a nice set of baby feathers now, so remove him from the extra heat. Put him in a roomy bird cage with natural wood perches, food and water. You can partially cover his cage to make sure he does not get chilled.

First, get his injury taken care of, and then go from there.The Avian vet may be able to help you find a group who rehabilitates lost and injured wild birds.


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