Baby blue and gd macaw won't groom himself!

by Sharon

I have had a baby blue and gold macaw now for 3 weeks and he won't groom himself! His tail feathers are shabby anyone know anything I can do? I had him at the vets and he says his flight wings have been cut off instead of clipped and 1 of his tail feathers has also been cut off!

I got told when I got him the breeder had done this! He's very loving and all around brilliant parrot but I am worried about his feathers also he twitches his wing a lot when at home but didn't when he was at the vets so vet couldn't do anything as he didn't see him doing it! Can anyone help?

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Oct 11, 2012
B&G Macaw won't groom himself
by: Anonymous

Sometimes, when a bird is used for entertainment, or preforming, the orangizations will sometimes have part of the birds wings amputated. Sometimes even a bird owner will do this. To prevent having to get the wings clipped regularly.

It's where they remove a small part of the wing, (kinda like getting a cat declawed, they remove the tips of the toes)

I've never heard of it being done to the tail feathers, so that is kind of odd.

However, some birds take a bit longer for those natural instincts to kick in with babies. My Grey is 14 months old, and finally took a bath on her own for the first time. So in the meantime I was just misting her, as suggested I should by my avian vet.

Just be patient. Get a small spray bottle, put the nozzle to mist, and spray 6 inchea above the bird and let it fall onto the bird. Never spray the bird directly. I always say "you're all wet! Good girl" now she's put the words to the actions. So she says it now. :D

Give your bird time to continue to adjust to new surroundings. Prehaps get a second opinion from a different vet, An AVIAN vet in fact. Just to ensure the bird is healthy.

Sick birds tend not to groom themselves or bathe. Sometimes, like my bird, she's healthy, it just took her forever to figure out bath time. lol.

Good luck!

Oct 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

I took him to the best avian vet in my area which himself has loads of different kinds of parrots he's very well known in my area, it was the vet that said his flight wings have been removed and also some of his tail feathers he's not in any pain the vet checked him thoroughly and only concern was that he doesn't look after his feathers! Also said that he either is or has been stressed as he has black on his feathers but he's fine n vet was happy with him n told me to ring him or pop down anytime if I think his feathers are getting worse. I clean his cage out every day at the top of his cage he has a play area which I clean his mess up on that tray all the time! I just thought I would ask for advice to see if anyone else's parrot was also not pruning its feathers see if they could help, I have tried spraying him with water and he just shakes and flaps his wings to get dry!

Oct 11, 2012
Baby blue and gd macaw won't groom himself!
by: Linda

I do not understand what you mean by "cut the wings off instead of clipping". If someone has cut off your bird's wings, then bird is in horrible pain. If breeder cut the feathers up too short, your bird is in terrible pain all the time. Only the 4-6 primary flight feathers ever need to be clipped, and these are the long ones at the ends of each wing. To cut up higher causes the bird chronic pain, and they fall like a rock which can cause broken bones. The grooming is the least of your worries now.

Your bird needs to be watched all the time until the wing feathers come back in. When wings are cut incorrectly, the birds fall straight down instead of gliding down like they should. This can cause them to break bones when they hit the floor.Wing feathers will begin coming back in during the next molt which could be six months depending on when the last molt was.

Make sure your bird is taken to an AVIAN VET ONLY. If you did not take him to an Avian Vet, then you have no idea what may be wrong with him. He sounds like he may be sick, and I KNOW he is in pain all the time from the butchered wings.

Find an Avian Vet and have him examined for infections both bacterial and viral. Have some basic bloodwork done to make sure organs are functioning properly and have those wings examined to see it there are any bones fractured or broken.The breeder who is incorrectly butchering bird's wings needs to be told that they are doing is wrong and that birds are suffering pain from the butchering being done on the wings. No Avian Vet or anyone who knows anything about birds would cut the wings like they have been cut. Sounds like the breeder needs to stop breeding birds until they know what they are doing.

Find an Avian Vet link

Oct 11, 2012
Clean bird is a Happy Bird?
by: John Fahlsing

Not to sweat it, my 21 year old still looks kind of tacky now and then. Best way I found to get her to clean and groom is a spray bottle with mild warm water, mist if possible. Sometimes I fine spray some undersides and tail feathers, Sunni immediately cleans herself after every spray. Also its a clean cage that promotes clean birds as well.

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