baby blue and gold macaw

by Karen
(Boston, MA)

I have a baby blue and gold macaw, he is about 4 months old. From the time he wakes up till he goes to sleep at night he squawks and twitches his wing, Is this normal?

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Jan 08, 2010
Baby B&G twitching and making noise
by: The Vet

This is not normal and you need to have him seen by an avian veterinarian immediately.

Dr B

Jan 07, 2010
baby blue and gold macaw
by: Linda

Baby Macaws, like baby Cockatoos have to be handfed longer than any other parrots. Your bird is wanting to be fed, and if you did not learn how to do it, now is the time to do so. Tracie has baby parrot handfeeding formula out here, and you must use a very large syringe (at least 60cc's size and feed two of them per feeding) to feed your bird. Baby Macaws are fed by their mothers up to 9 months or more, and yours is in need of that service. Most baby birds revert back to being babies begging to be fed whether they were weaned or not. 4 months is absolutely too young for this bird to have been weaned. Your bird is BEGGING YOU TO FEED IT, AND YOU NEED TO START DOING THIS IMMEDIATELY. Go to where you bought bird and buy the handfeeding formula. Feed stores or the Avian vet will have the large syringes. Have vet show you how to do this without aspirating the bird. Baby Macaw's heads have to be held still when they feed as they do a lot of jerking and will end up with more on them than in them.

The other issue is taking bird to an Avian Vet like yesterday is how important it is. Vet will weigh bird to see if at the proper weight. They will do a test to see if bird has any infections either bacterial or viral. If you bought this bird from a pet store, I GUARANTEE YOU it is already sick. When a baby parrot starts losing weight for any reason, they will die.

So get your bird to an Avian Vet for an exam. Get some baby parrot handfeeding formula and some very large syringes with which to feed bird. Your bird may need 120cc's twice a day for a while, and you can still offer pellets, a little fruit and veggies. As the bird eats more of the regular food, you can start tapering off the amount and frequency of formula. Talk with the Avian Vet about all of this.


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