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Oct 26, 2010
Baby blue and gold training
by: Linda

Anne, hopefully you are still handfeeding him baby parrot formula as he will need this for another few months before he is weaned. It sounds like you are because of the messy beak you mentioned, and use washcloths, not paper towels to clean him up after eating. Macaws get their food everywhere and are hard to feed because of all the head bobbing they do, so keep a warm washcloth or two on hand when getting ready to feed.

His wings need to be clipped, and just have the 6 long Primary Flight feathers at the bottom ends of both wings clipped. Do not allow them to clip up any higher as this hurts and cripples birds.

While at the Avian Vet's, also have them do a throat swab so they can test for bacterial infection which is very common with baby birds especially those who have not been well taken are of as you described being left in cage all the time. The stress of moving can cause immune system to malfunction, which allows infections to get started. Also have some basic bloodwork done to test for viral infections or problems with organ function. Once he has a clean bill of health or medicine to get him well, then and only then can any training take place. It is best to go easy on training while he is still being handfed as handling him at feeding times tires them out. If you are not handfeeding, get back with the breeder to learn how because baby Macaws are not seriously started on weaning until around 6 months. Most breeders try and wean them too early, and all kinds of emotional problems will arise later on from this causing bad behaviors. Mother Macaws take up to a year to wean their babies though they will start showing them how to find food earlier.

Finding an Avian Vet is one of the most important things you need do now, and be prepared to drive a ways if needed because dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in bird care and will do much more harm than good.


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