Baby budgerigars has a lump above his joint

by Maria
(Mosta, Malta)

One of my baby budgerigars, Bertie :), developed a lump just above his leg joint while still in his aviary.

Now that he has jumped out, he still has this yellowish lump and though he walks and runs, he limps and doesn't have a strong grip. It also feels a little bit warm.

what could it be?

I wish to take him to a vet but unfortunately hee in Malta we do not hae vets specialrzed on birds and I fear that he might kill Bertie.

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Nov 18, 2012
Baby budgerigars has a lump above his joint
by: Linda

It sounds like it may be an infection which will have to be treated. Either that or he has broken a bone or pulled a muscle.

Either way, he will have to go to some kind of vet. An Avian Vet would be the best, and under the circumstances, you'll have to take your chances with whatever vet is available in your area. This may be an infection, and vet will need to take a sample of tissue in this lump to see if it is an infection or just what.

Yes, the dog and cat vet may either mis-diagnose him and/or give him the wrong dosage of meds, so make sure they do some reading about how to give meds to birds in correct dosages.Birds have no fat on their bodies, so any over doses of meds goes into their livers sometimes killing them. Request that he weigh your bird and do some study about how to give proper dosage of meds before he gives you anything for your bird. This is very important because an overdose with a bird this small means death from kidney or liver failure. Dog and cat vets are not usually familiar with treating birds, so they must be willing to do some study before giving your bird any meds. If they are not willing to do that small thing, take your bird to someone willing to try and do this right because your bird's life is at stake here.

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