baby budgies out of nestbox but no flight or tail feathers.

by Diane
(Dorset, England.)

My hen has just reared three lovely baby budgies, big and healthy - except they have no tail or flight feathers. They are now out and feeding themselves and look perfect in every other way. Is this french moult (It's never happened before) or will the feathers grow back. Advice appreciated.

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May 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

hi all ive a small aviary and have had some nice babys this year but a pair i have have had 3 babys 1 out the nest and ok and helthy the other 2 got kicked out the box? 1 has fethers but no tail or flite feathers the other 1 has some littal feathers and bald patches he is or looks helthey and fisty but not feathering up??? he she eats like a gooden and loves millet any one now what could be wrong mum and dad back on eggs these 2 in cage with cupal of other young and a mum with a broken wing thay all ok like this but what shuld i do with the 2 that ant featherd yet??? thanks chris p.s new at all this any help would help thanks

Mar 24, 2010
baby budgies out of nestbox but no flight or tail feathers.
by: Linda

Well, if you have bred this pair before and this did not happen, then something may be wrong here. Bacterial infections are very common with baby birds, and if they have an infection, it will pull them down enough to interfere with feathering. Infections of this nature will actually kill them, so I strongly recommend you take the babies and both parents to see an Avian Vet to diagnose type of bacteria and medicine required to treat that type of bacteria. The reason I'm saying take all of them in is that when birds live together like this if one has an infection then they all do. If you don't have them all diagnosed and treated at once, then the infection will continue to be passed back and forth among them. The babies' immune systems have not had time to build up enough yet to handle any infections, so you may be walking a thin line here.

Once everyone is checked out and medication given if needed, then the babies' feathers will grow in fairly quickly if their diet is high quality organic pellets. All seed diets are very poor nutrition for birds, and poor feathering and skin are only two of the "seen" problems poor diet can cause. Since the babies are weaning now, and the mother is probably still feeding them a little, now would be a great time to introduce organic pellets. Tracie carries several kinds out here plus some fantastic Birdy Bread Mix which would be good for babies too right now.

Let us know what the Avian Vet has to say and thanks for writing,

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