baby cocatiel feeding

yesterday i brought home a baby cockatiel, he is eight weeks old.

The person i brought him off said that he will most likely be fine just eating a normal cockatiel diet but MAY need some bird rearing food if he doesn't eat.

I have been keeping a close eye on him, and have seen him eating seed. but am wondering if i should also give him some rearing food in case he isn't eating enough. what signs may indicate that he is not eating enough? I don't want the poor fella starving!!

He is active during the day and is passing plenty of poop.

Peoples thoughts and advise would be much appreciated.


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May 07, 2009
baby cockatiel
by: kathryn

Thanks everyone for your comments....i feel much happier about his eating, I'm sure he is doing just fine!!

I live in New Zealand and had never heard of feeding a pet bird pellets. I will have a look in our pet shops and see if i can find this type of food, if not i will consider ordering some.

We are now working on getting our little bird tame.....anyone got any ideas on how we best go about this???

thanks in advance

May 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

Please don't wean him on seeds. Its so hard to switch them to pellets. They need to be on 80%organic pelleted diet. Harrisons comes in a smaller pellet but my cockatiel prefers Totally Organic Pellets. Both are available on this website and shipping is fast.

May 07, 2009
Cockatiel Weaning
by: Linda

Hi! Your Cockatiel should be weaned at 8 weeks, so just continue to keep an eye on him. Signs of not eating enough are lethargy (can also be illness), his keel bone (breast bone) will become more prominent if not eating enough. You can both feel this and see it if he is losing too much weight.

I would suggest you get him onto a pelleted diet. Harrisons is a great one as it is made from only organic foods. A seed diet is not a healthful one, and you need to give your new baby the best diet to ensure proper growth of bones, feathers and skin. Tracie carries Harrison's products, and your Cockatiel will need a small grind for his smaller size. Follow complete directions on package including using no additional vitamin/mineral supplements and/or animal proteins as these will cause an imbalance in vitamin/mineral and protein. Dark Green Leafy veggies, Dark orange and yellow veggies, like squash and sweet potato will be very good for him and can be fed as treats along with the Harrisons.

The reason I recommend the Harrison's is that I've been feeding it to my Amazon pair for many, many years along with fresh veggies and their really nice Birdy Bread mixes using the Organic Red Palm Oil for the oil mix calls for. The only other thing to add to Birdy Bread mix is the oil (Tracie has that out here too), 2 egg whites and water. It bakes up nicely in a glass loaf pan, and you can keep a week's worth in the refrigerator and the rest frozen wrapped in clear saran wrap and put those packages into ziplock freezer bags (quart size will do). I use the mix package to keep the refrigerated pieces.

As for changing him over to the pellets, put a shallow layer of seeds underneath the pellets, and he will, hopefully, eat the pellets first. It can sometimes take a little while for the changeover, and the Birdy Bread will help bridge the gap and get him used to the taste of the pellets as it is made using Harrisons basic recipe plus a few extras to make it taste good.

Congratulations on your new baby, and keep all of us posted on how he is doing, plus send a pix when you can.


May 07, 2009
Good Luck
by: Sandy

My Vet said that if his poop is turning brown add more seed. If poop is a mixture of green and brown then keep doing what you are doing.Again, if the poop is all brown then give more seed.

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