baby cockatiels died

by Janet Chaney
(Pope, MS)

we had 5 babies that died one by one about a day or two afer they hatched. we were letting the mother bird fed them. my daughter took the male bird out of the cage. what did we do wrong?

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Apr 13, 2009
Babies dieing
by: Janet Chaney

Thanks for your input but its too late I have 5 more eggs already so I need some helpful advice Thanks.

Apr 13, 2009
Baby birds died
by: Tracie

It is hard to say why they died, since there are so many things that can go wrong with breeding birds.

I suggest you contact an experienced breeder and offer to help them with their birds and learn all you can from them before allowing your birds to breed again. You might could spend some time explaining what happened and learn from what you just experienced too.

I would also like to encourage you not to breed your birds. There are so many unwanted birds already in shelters waiting to be adopted, why add to the count? (I am not against breeders, obviously, or I would not also suggest you find one to help you.)

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