Baby cockatiels loosing weight

by Ged

Hi i have some cockatiels im hand rearing im using the same food and methods iv always used but for some reason all the chicks seem to be loosing weight and not as eager to feed, any ideas what it could be.
Many thanks

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Aug 31, 2011
Baby birds losing weight
by: The Avian Vet

There could be hundreds of reasons why. Food temperature, brooder temperature, feeding amounts, number of times per day being fed, bacterial infection, yeast infection, viral infection, spoiled food. I would need more information before I can give more specific answers. Such as how old the birds are, how much you are feeding, what you are feeding, the temperatures of the food and brooders, your feeding method, and more. I am happy to provide a phone consultation, but first, I think you need to have these birds examined by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B
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