Baby cocktiel died unknown cause?

by Charles
(stockton ca)

I have been erasing this baby for 3 weeks now she was 6 weeks old tomorrow and for unknown cause she became disoriented sleeping alot ( this is not the first to happen like this). for the past 2 days she was not wanting to eat or eat very little from the syringe.

i looked it up and found it could be because she was fledgling so i didnt think nothing of it till i seen her breathing hard today then i knew she was dying like my other 4 week old baby cockatiel it had the same problem and sure enough i watched her take her last breath so i went and buried her and im wanting to know if it is the formula i use or what she was my second try at hand rasing and i dont think i should try again till i find the problem.

i think it could be my formula because i only used oatmeal and chicken starter grinded up in to a powder. since it has high protein but i think i was lacking viatmins and calcuim which would of been in the mom cockatiel formula. i keep my room at 80 degrees them i also keep a light on her but she looked so pale and cold the last 2 day idk can someone help thanks.

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Aug 15, 2011
Baby cocktiel died unknown cause?
by: Linda

I'm sorry for your losses, but the formula you're feeding is poison for baby birds.

Use only baby parrot hand-feeding formula fed using either a small spoon or a syringe works much better and does not give babies gas.

The hand-feeding formuula is found on this site, and it has to be warmed and never fed cold because this causes crop infections. You also have to weigh baby every day using a gram scale. If baby does not gain weight everyday, he is sick. You need to find an Avian Vet in your area before getting another baby bird because you are literally killing them with the awful mix you are making. Baby birds just cannot digest a protein like chicken and should never have meat anyway. Babies need to be fed baby parrot hand-feeding formula until they are ready for weaning which varies with the bird. At beginning of weaning time, you will still handfeed formula twice a day and later take it down to once a day when you see baby eating his food. Also start your babies out right using high quality organic pellets like Harrisons. Do not wean onto seeds as this is a very incomeplete and poor diet for parrots. The pellets are found here, and there are several kinds of the organics so baby could have a little variety while weaning.

Please do not get another bird until you understand feeding the baby, weighing the baby and taking baby to Avian Vet. Lots of baby birds die because of people not taking them to Avian Vets when sick. Get all your supplies together before even thinking of getting a new baby or the next one will die before your eyes too.

Thanks for writing, and feel free to ask any questions about the foods and such when you need to. There is also a lot of information found on the internet by doing a search on your type bird and looking for breeders who are usually happy to help you out. Your Avian Vet can tell you all about weaning ages and all, so find one and get to know them and take your birds in when needed.


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