baby crowned amazon skin/feather

by Antony Bestwick

my 13 week old yellow crowned amazon seems to have not much feathers around her neck and you can see her skin she definately isnt plucking she still has most of her baby feathers underneath her adult feathers what could this be

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Aug 14, 2011
baby crowned amazon skin/feather
by: Linda

Your baby bird is either sick or is eating a very poor quality diet. At this age, it is easy to get them onto a high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's which is organic and has no dyes, preservatives or other harmful chemicals. If you think you'll ever have a nicely feathered bird eating nothing but seeds, it will not happen and bird is apt to be sick a lot.

Below is an article about how to change from seeds to pellets, and your bird will need Harrisons' pellets Course Grind. BEFORE even beginning to make any changes in diet, your bird has to be examined by an Avian Vet for possible infections or other physical issues causing this problem. What I see in the pictures is NOT normal, so take your bird to Avian Vet for a thorough checkup and then at least once a year after that.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say, and the pellets can be found here.

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