baby green cheek conure

by stacey poole
(ithaca ny usa)

i have a baby green cheek conurei got him about a month ago he was hatched 12-19-10 hes been fine..hes outta his cage more than hes in it. and yesterday i noticed he keeps messing with his tail feahers he has 2 feathers that are all freyed like why does he keep messing with only is tail feathers he has a lil bald spots on his tail feathers

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Oct 07, 2017
Five month conure
by: Anonymous

I was playing with my conure and he started move his head around like something was wrong next thing I knew he had spit up all over me. What wrong.

Editor's note: The bird is showing it's affection for you by "feeding" you most likely.

Aug 04, 2012
sammy, green cheek conure
by: Anonymous

i have a year and 5 month old green cheek conure. she is the best bird next to my cocketeils that passed. this is the first time i own a green cheek and i will never give her up. anyway, by accident, my conure got a hold of my apple juice and she drank some last night. she was shaking her head a little from the sugar. i know i shouldn't give her but she found it anyway. are their any side effects to apple juice? i want to make sure because i don't want her getting sick. please advise.

Editor's note: The apple juice will not hurt her. In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page.

Mar 15, 2011
Transition to Pellet Food
by: Anonymous

Linda, I have found that birds can be stubborn about their seeds. Keep feeding your bird seeds or she will starve herself as you are beginning to find out. Don't try to trick her. They're on to us. Offer her the pellets in a separate dish but keep offering them to her. It took me years to get one of my birds to try pellets.

Since my green cheek loves apples and apple juice, I suspect your bird might feel the same. See if she'll drink some apple juice from your glass. If she does and wants more, give it to her as a treat for a few days in a row. After a time, try pouring some of the juice into the pellets while she watches. Pick up the dish and pretend to drink from it, lick and smack your lips, and make noises like it is the best thing you ever had. No self-respecting green cheek can resist trying something that you think is yummy.

Do this on a regular basis her watch you pour some into the dish where the pellets are and see if she try to get to the juice while you hold the dish. Inevitably, I think she'll try it.

Also try the Zupreem fruit pellets (cockatiel-size) and offer those. My green cheek loves them. He won't eat the yellow ones and stuffs the green ones in his water tube, but he'll eat the red and orange ones. You can also pretend to eat those in front of her using the "mmmmm, this is good" tactic.

Also keep giving her fresh fruits and veggies. Apples, carrots, and peas are favs.

Be warned that it took me 10 years to get one of my tiels to eat Roudybush pellets. He is still eating seed but supplements with Zupreem fruit pellets or Roudybush and fresh fruits and veggies.

Editor's note: Please DO try to wean your bird from the ZuPreem colored pellets. They are junk food and cause a lot of health problems in many birds.

Mar 10, 2011
Transition to Pellet Food
by: Linda

I am writing this in hopes that someone has or is facing the same delima I am and could offer me some advice on how you worked out your issues. I have a GC Conure and am trying to change his diet from seeds to pellets. I cannot and I mean cannot get her to eat the pellets or any other food for that matter. I have tried baby food, baked them in breads, muffins, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and pizza. It's almost like she knows that the pellets are in there. Takes a whiff, a couple of bites and that's it, then she starts screaming for her seeds. I've tried recipes from the Healthy Parrot Cookbook. I've measured the food with 50/50 mix of seeds and pellets together, decreasing the amount of seeds each day and increasing the pellets. She in turn just picks through the pellets to get to the seeds. I've tried the process from the article that you recommend, that definitely did not work, she basically starved herself. Now, I am back to square one because I weighed her before I started and she has now lost six grams so now I have her on straight seeds again so that she can gain her weight back. I took her to the vet before i started the food transition and I was told then that she is in good shape but too thin and needed to gain weight and the pellets would help her do that only I can't get her to eat them. HELP...Any suggestions???

Editor's note: You posted your question as an answer to this other person. I am copying this to a new question, but don't know if you put your email in for this one. Please look under Ask the Vet for the answer.

Mar 09, 2011
Conure messing up tail feathers
by: Tracie

I wish I had the answers! He may be bored, but I really can't tell you. Please read the Feather Damaging Behavior article if he keeps this up.

Hopefully he will give this up, and chew on his toys instead. Make sure he has plenty of toys he can shred. You might have to try all kinds to find out what he likes best. My two GC's do not like the same kind of toys. Once likes leather, one likes toys with rope or paper. Just find some shreddible toys to add to his cage, and rotate them out so he doesn't get bored.

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