Baby Green Cheek Conures have lumps on beak

by Sherwin
(Ajax, Ontario, Canada)

Hi there, I have two baby green cheek conures (5 weeks old) that have a little lump of skin on both sides of the base of their beak. Both the babies have them on each side of their beak. They seem to be doing well but I'm wondering if its harmful. The parents don't have them on their beak. Is it normal for the babies to have them? And why do both birds have them?

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Apr 22, 2010
Baby birds with bumps near beaks
by: The Avian Vet

All baby parrots have these. They will go away as they age. If they do not, then you need to have them examined by an avian veterinarian. It is a good idea to take them for well-baby check ups anyway.

Dr B

Apr 21, 2010
Baby Green Cheek Conures have lumps on beak
by: Linda

Thanks for writing because this does not sound right. I suggest you take both babies into an Avian Vet for an examination. It is common for babies to develop bacterial infections, and normally they present as stomach upsets and such. It will be good to allow an Avian vet to take a look and see what they think.

Hopefully, you're weighing babies everyday with a gram scale as if they don't gain weight everyday then there is something wrong. If vet finds they do have bacterial infections, both parents will also need to be taken in as these infections are highly contageous and all 4 birds will need to be treated for whatever kind of bacteria it is. The lumps on beaks of the babies may not even be related to infection, so go ahead and have them checked out to make sure they are okay.

Thanks again for writing, and keep us posted on what the vet had to say about this.


PS when they are ready to start weaning, go ahead and get one or two of the organic pellets Tracie has out here because weaning time is the best time to get them used to eating a highly nutritious diet. The parents can be weaned onto them as well though it may take a little longer with them. At first, you may need to soak the pellets in a little water before offering to babies. The organics have to be refrigerated as they have no preservatives, so warm up to room temp before feeding. Weaning takes a while, so make sure they are getting enough to eat once parents quit feeding them. We use the Harrisons for our birds, and they also have a wonderful Birdy Bread mix. Get the Sunshine Factor organic red palm oil to go in the mix as this is cold-pressed oil which will put a shine on everybody's feathers. It can also help parents to start liking the pellets as its base is the Harrison's recipe.The Golden Feast Golden'obles are also good, and baby birds like different shapes and textures when they start weaning. The Goldn'obles are round while the Harrison's are square little blocks.

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