baby lorakeets breeding questions

by minty

My lorakeets recently laid 2 eggs, will the mother bird feed them herself or do I have to feed them myself, do I need to put extra food in the cage? At the moment they only have dry mix and apple each day. Does the nesting box need to be cleaned while the eggs are in there if not when. thanks minty.

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Nov 04, 2013
fertile or non-fertile
by: Anonymous

Are you positive that you have both a male and female bird and that the eggs are "fertile"?
The female lays eggs, usually 2 at a time, without a male, which of course are not fertile.
The only way to find out the birds sex is through blood work.

Nov 04, 2013
baby lorakeets breeding questions
by: Linda

Well, unfortunately, your questions tell me that you have not done your homework about breeding. Now you may have lives at stake because you do not know what you needed to have learned before breeding. The mother may or may not feed the babies which means you have to know how to handfeed baby parrot handfeeding formula using a syringe. This is a learned skill, and babies can be killed if it is done wrong. The nestbox does not need to be cleaned while hen is sitting as she does not poop in the box and waits until she comes out to eat and drink. As for extra food, if they are eating a good diet of organic foods, they can continue eating that diet.

I highly recommend you contact some Lory breeders and see if they have any suggestions for you. The best thing to do is to apprentice with a breeder so you can learn how to handfeed and how to care for your birds in general.

Thanks for writing,

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