Baby Lorikeet tail feathers.


Baby stubbie!

Baby stubbie!

Hi, we have a baby lorikeet who hit a window in our house. It looks & eats well, but cannot fly. It has no tail feathers.
When do feathers come in ?

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May 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have brought up many bird like this it does take them a long time to get their tail feathers but they do come eventually. I have tried to release back in the wild but they have all returned wanting their shelter and food as they have been hand reared.
Always put fresh water and dry lorikeet powder ( I PURCHASE MINE FROM PET SHOPS) in daily and in winter I always include a lorikeet wet mixture made from warm water which they love.
I include fresh fruit in their diets chopped apples and grapes are a favorite .
never give bread and honey as I used to and 1 of my birds died apparantly it destroys their kidneys,it was terrible as I love my birds.

Oct 28, 2009
by: Linda

It can take a while. I strongly suggest you have your Avian vet clip your bird's Primary flight feathers which are the longer ones at the end of wing. Flying around the house is more dangerous than you could ever dream, and it's a matter of time before your baby is killed doing it.

Houses are dangerous for birds, and no bird needs to be able to fly around like that. Many parrots' heads have been crused by flying into a window or wall or mirror. If your bird shows ANY signs of injury from this hit, please take him into an Avian Vet immediately. Go ahead and take him in anyway to get those wings taken care of.

Please take the proper precautions with your baby or you may lose him to the window one day.


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