Baby Lorikeets feather question

by Shyafira

Hi, I have 2 baby Lorikeets and that are around 2-3 weeks old and are starting to get their red feathers on their chest.

I accidentally spilled some food all over their chest when i was feeding them and when i eventually took it off it pulled quite a few of their feathers out.

I was just wondering will this affect anything or if they will eventually grow back?

Thanks for the help!

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Oct 20, 2011
Baby Lorikeets feather question
by: Linda

What I don't understand is what you mean by "eventually took it off". When you spill formula on a baby while feeding, use wet or damp soft cotton cloth to clean them up. You cannot allow food to dry on a baby because it will pull out feather shafts later and is very unhealthy. New feathers will come in when they do. Just clean your babies up after feeding them.

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