baby love bird will not use its leg??

by Rebecca
(Denver Colorado)

Hi! We just had about 5 weeks ago, a baby love bird hatch. The mommy was taken good care of it. We could hear it peeping inside the breeding box and its craw was full. Then we noticed the momma not feeding as much...when checking on the baby, we found it cold and half dead! It was so hungry.

We were not sure why the parents abandoned it. We got the bird formula from the bird store...he eats so well. but we noticed that his one leg will not bend up undernath the bird, nor can he walk on it. he will use his beak to help him walk. We now wonder if we did the right thing by saving his life. He can get around...just not on 2 feet:( Will he be able to perch and what happened here?
Thank you,
R Rader

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Oct 26, 2008
Splay leg on Lovebird
by: The Vet

This sounds like a case of splay leg. Common in baby lovebirds. It is sometimes genetic, sometimes nutritional, sometimes a combination of these causes and can also be caused by improper bedding in the nest box.

The parents abandoned it because they saw that the baby was having problems. If one leg is normal, your baby can live a normal life and adapt to its handicap. If both legs are abnormal the humane thing to do is to put him down. You should have him examined baby an avian veterinarian so you can get proper guidance.

Dr B

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