Baby Lovebird Foot

by Julie
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi, I have a baby lovebird from the last clutch that I hand-fed and raised that is now a day over 8 weeks old. He/she will not open it's foot properly for the two toes in front and two in the back. He/she has all four toes facing front and can stand okay, but is not very stable when perching. I've seen this happen before on another baby, but the toes eventually opened properly, but before 8 weeks. I'm a little concerned that this hasn't happened yet as it's been after 8 weeks now. Have you heard of this before? If so, will he/she still eventually open the toes properly on it's own, or is this a birth defect? Anything that I can do? I appreciate your advice.


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Jun 02, 2009
Baby lovebird foot
by: The Vet

This does happen occasionally. Possibly nutritional related, possibly genetics, could also be injury from clutch mates, or parents. Many other possible causes such as inappropriate nesting material or brooder bedding. It may be possible to splint it to correct the problem. I would need to examine it to give you good treatment advice.

I recommend that you have it examined by an avian veterinarian to see if it is treatable and to find out what may have been the cause. You should not attempt to splint it yourself. Incorrect bandage application will make it worse. The longer you wait to get treatment, the less likely it can be fixed. These types of problems should be fixed by 4-5 weeks of age.

Dr B

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