baby lovebird

by Kristine
(Virginia Beach, VA)

My lovebird is only 1 month old, I just brought it home, The bird walks like a penquin, He or she looks unstable when he walks, is this normal for a baby? Thanks for your help.

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Dec 02, 2008
baby lovebird
by: petlover666

I really hope that the bird you brought home was not only 1 month old! Lovebirds do not wean until they are between 6-10 weeks old, sometimes a bit longer. Babies need to learn how to walk, so they do look a little strange until they figure it out.

Aug 11, 2008
Re: Baby Love bird that walks like a penguin
by: Kralice4u

It is natural that a bord will walk with a waddle like a penguin due to the structure of its legs. DO not be alarmed. I raise baby Conures and some of them waddle more than others.I have one that really waddles alot. I nick named him "The Hulk". I have another one that I call "Waddles".
Enjoy your new baby.

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