Baby lovebirds beak?

by Teresa

My Lovies

My Lovies

Why baby lovebirds when born some has black on beak and some dont have black always wanted to know why?

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Jul 11, 2010
Beak coloring
by: Anonymous

I've had two 4 bird broods now and in the first one, the only one that did not have a black beak turned out to be a light blue/white coloring. In my second brood, the only one to HAVE a black beak hasnt gotten it's feathers in yet, but its older siblings are 2 normal mutations and 1 blue/white. So i have no idea. is it a gender difference?

Mar 23, 2009
Baby lovebirds have black around their beaks
by: Marques Walker

My Fishers lovebirds had their first brood. Two are normal Fishers and one lutino. The lutino's beak is all red and the others have black around the top of their beaks.

Nov 22, 2008
Re: Baby lovebirds beak?
by: Anonymous

The only lovebird chicks I've seen without black on their breaks are lutINO or creamINO. Being a variant of the albINO gene, their eyes are also red... sometimes even a deep purple that appears almost black - except in direct light.
57┬░F in Houston TX

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