baby macaw 23days old

Hi, we have a baby blue and gold macaw that is 23days old!! After feeding the baby he starts shaking for about 60min his foods temp is 40-42 degrees his temp during the day is 29-30 degrees but it still looks like he is cold will you please confirm if this is normal?? and what colour should it be red or more a human colour? how do we know when he is to hot?

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Jan 06, 2012
baby macaw 23days old
by: Linda

I'm hoping you're talking about the temperature in Celcius and not Farenheit because the babies' food should be around 101 degrees F. Room temperature needs to be a minimum of 70 degrees F, and if baby does not have all his feathers, he should be kept warmer than that.

So, if you are not talking about F temperature, then your baby may have a bacterial infection and needs to be examined quickly by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Take him ONLY to an Avian Vet because they are the only people licensed and trained in the care of exotic animals like the parrots. While there ask about food temperature or use the "on your wrist or inside elbow crook" to see if food is warm enough.

Find an Avian Vet

Your baby is not even a month old, and hopefully you're feeding him baby parrot handfeeding formula like RoudyBush which is on this site. The food has to be heated up to around the bird's temperature which usually runs around 101(make sure of that with the Avian Vet). To make sure it is not too hot, either use a thermometer or put a little bit on your wrist or in the bend of your arm. If it is too hot for you and burns, then it is too hot. If, it feels lukewarm with no heat, then food is too cold. Baby birds cannot digest room temperature food and will develop sour crop and die because food just sits in crop undigested.

If your baby is sick with an infection, he has to be heated as sick birds are unable to regulate their body temperatures. He would need to kept at a constant 80-85 degrees F at all times. If you have him in a kind of brooding box, then tape the heating pad to one side so he can move to the other side if he gets too hot. If he's sitting in the bottom of a cage, place heating pad so only one side is being heated and cover pad with a towel. Also cover the cage, leaving a few inches open at the bottom for circulation. By heating one side of the cage bottom, he can move closer to heat or not as he needs to. The cover will keep the entire cage warm, so he may stay on the unheated side. This means he needs a larger cage so he has room to stretch out and walk around when he wants to. Even a larger cage will stay quite warm with the heating pad under one side with a lightweight cover over it.

It really does sound like he may be sick, and if he has been either fed too cold a food or is being kept in too cold an area, then he is very sick and will die without proper medical evaluation and treatment. At less than a month old, he has no immune system with which to fight any kind of infection. Use no over the counter meds or home remedies because one or both can and will kill him. Only an Avian Vet can diagnose and give the correct dosage of meds, so find one and get him there in a hurry.


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