Baby macaw was born with a bad leg

Baby macaw was born with a bad leg vet said amputation won't work and recommends euthanizing what's the right and fair choice? What would be best for the bird? Could he live a happy life with one leg?? Please help

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Jul 31, 2011
bad leg
by: Anonymous

well dont put it in a cage to much hopping id say put in a huge gerbil cage

Feb 27, 2011
Macaw born with bad leg
by: The Avian Vet

He could be happy with one leg. I know many birds that are. The question is ?what is wrong with the bad leg?? The condition of that leg prove to be the deciding factor. Also, if it is treatable, amputation may or may not be the best option.

Dr B

Feb 27, 2011
I have a bird with one leg
by: Christina

Hello, how are you going? :-) My name is Christina and I live in Australia. I am not a vet or anything but I have a pigeon who only has one leg and he is as happy as anything!! He loves me and I love him and he runs around the backyard on his little stumpy thing, where there is no leg. He eats well and plays with the other birds and he flies well, in fact he is just like all the other birds! I don't know if your vert will tell you any other medical reason why he thinks you should euthenase it but you should ask him. Tell him about my bird and how happy and healthy he is. Good luck and have an excellent day! Kind Regards, from Christina :-)

Feb 26, 2011
Baby macaw was born with a bad leg
by: Linda

This is a heartbreaking situation, and it is difficult to tell you what to do here. Being that he is so young, he may not make it through the surgery.

Even though my own heart is breaking over this, it may be best to do as your Avian Vet recommends. Hopefully, you did take him to avian vet. If not, know that dog and cat vets know nothing about parrots and prefer to either kill them by accident or on purpose.

My heart goes out to you because this will be one of the hardest things you'll have to face. It's one thing when our birds are old, sick and barely able to stand from old age related illnesses. It is another thing entirely for such a young bird with so much possible life ahead of it.

Get into a quiet place and ask what you should do here, and ask what is the very BEST for your bird and not you because, in this case, bird's welfare and future outweigh your feelings in the matter. If you are quiet and ask the question of yourself without any pre-conceived notions, you will receive the correct answer. This is called listening to our "still, small voice", our souls, God, whatever people want to call it. The answer is inside, so go ahead and ask and be strong enough to listen and act on it.

You and your precious bird will be in prayers, and thank you for trusting us enough to ask for help with this. We are always here, so do not hesitate to write anytime.


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