baby macaw

by michelle
(randleman, nc us)

i have a 7 week old scarlet macaw, i was just wondering when her eyes will open?

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Feb 13, 2010
baby macaw
by: Linda

Yes, as Tracie said your macaw still needs to be hand-fed using a syringe.

Find an Avian Vet, AND IT MUST BE AN AVIAN VET, in your driving area and get the bird in as an emergency if you're not going to take it back to breeder. The breeder will let him die and throw him in the trash, so you may wish to help him. Your bird will die shortly if not fed properly, and it most likely has a raging infection.Breeder should be responsible for any and all vet bills, so keep receipts. Avian Vet will be a good resource for the neglect this bird has suffered at the hands of this person.

If the breeder does not wish to cooperate with you, then I suggest you call an animal control person or a local either ASPCA or Humane Society shelter in your area so they can go out and take a look at this breeders set up. Many bird breeders fall into the category of running Bird Mills like the people do with kitten and puppy mills. These people sell sick and dying animals to unsuspecting people, all the time, and when the bird or animal dies will take NO responsibility.

So, for now, your bird has to be fed baby parrot hand-feeding formula with a syringe. Your bird will die shortly if you don't do something, and we suggest taking it into an Avian Vet as an emergency so you don't have to wait for an appointment. Avian vet will show you how to handfeed and will give you medicine for the infection. Pet stores carry the handfeeding formula, and the Avian Vet may also have some for you. You CANNOT WAIT ON THIS AS YOUR BIRD IS LITERALLY DYING BEFORE YOUR EYES.

In future, please be more careful about from whom you buy birds. Stay away from pet stores because they are the ones who buy these bird mill birds. If buying from a breeder, you need to have already studied what a healthy baby parrot looks like and at what age it is normal for them to be weaned. Also always ask if you can see some of the facility to see if it is clean and the birds healthy.If a breeder won't allow you to see at least SOME of their facility, then they are hiding something. If you do call in ASPCA or Humane Society, allow them to photograph your bird for evidence against this breeder. If bird dies, have Avian Vet perform a Necropsy for evidence. If you don't get all the evidence you can against her, you will be left with a dead bird and NO MONEY AND NO LEGAL RECOURSE.DO NOT TELL BREEDER WHAT YOU HAVE PLANNED, JUST DO IT!!!

Let us know how this goes, and am sorry you are having to go through this. More sorry for the suffering your bird is having to go through on account of this.


Feb 13, 2010
Scarlet macaw baby
by: Tracie

Their eyes open after 7-14 days. I am horrified that you have a baby macaw this young! I am disappointed you have to write a website to find information like this. You have been ripped off by a breeder that does not care about the birds they breed at all.

I would take that bird back to the breeder and get your money back. If they sold you this bird by using the line that the bird will bond better to you if you hand feed it, that is a lie. What they really want to do is make a lot of money off of you and not have to spend the hours hand feeding this bird and risking the bird dying because they don't care about their birds. You are a quick buck for them.

If you decide to keep this bird, then take the bird to an avian vet right away for a check up, to make sure the bird is even healthy and doesn't have a disease or a defect. Then get the avian vet give you information on raising this bird so that it doesn't die.

I hope you don't take this as if I am upset with you, I am glad you wrote. What is upsetting is that people breed these birds for a quick buck and don't care that the bird may die shortly after selling it to someone.

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