Baby parraket uneven wing growth

by Laura
(Schaumburg, IL)

We bought our parakeet about 2 months ago and hw was about 16 wks old and his wings were clipped. Since then one side of his wings have grown out significatly more than the other side. Is this normal? He seems to be happy but seems to have a hard time flying without bumping into walls. What can I do???

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Mar 06, 2012
Parakeet with wing trim growing out
by: Tracie

It is not unusual at all. Different feathers grow in at different times. Unless you have a flight room or a bird safe room, I suggest you keep those wings trimmed.

Many birds die every year from due to not having their wings clipped and being allowed access to places in the home that are not bird safe:

* Flying into windows, walls, doorknobs, ceiling fans and out open doors.

* Landing on unstable items like pictures on a wall or items on a table, that fall down or over and sometimes land on the bird.

* Chewing toxic items, like licking the metal on a ceiling fan blade or chewing something in the carpet etc.

* Getting trapped somewhere and hurting itself trying to get out or getting injured and dying.

* Getting stepped on or attacked by another pet that normally gets along fine with the bird. (Dog was sleeping and got startled and bit the bird.)

This is just a few of the possibilities.

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