baby parrot has Swollen yellow belly with sneezing and nasal discharge.

by Lisa Mueller

I am seeking medical here in Chennai India but it's hard to find good care. I purchased a weeks old baby Alexandrian Indian parrot from someone who i suspect never properly cared for the babies. My little guy was gained some strength and weight since i got him but he has a very big swollen yellowish discolored stomach...i was afraid maybe he has parasites. Yesterday his sneezing started with clear discharge from the nasal area. His personality has changed over night so i know he is getting worse quickly. He is now completely quite and won't keep his eyes open at all...just wants to sleep all the time which is unlike him. His poop seems to be ok, no change. He is eating the baby formula i have him on when i spoon feed him.

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Jun 07, 2010
swolen RED and WHITE moving dot in belly
by: Anonymous

our baby birds witch are barely bigger than a childs two thumbs put together have been hatching in the last two weeks. on some of the baby birds we have noticed a white swelling strip on their chest and their stomachs are red and swolen and theyhave a white moving dot in its belly .
Just in case its not normal can you tell us what those two things are? because we don't want our baby birds yo die their mommy is working so hard to take care of them so could someone please comment on that? Thank You!!!!

Editor's note: You posted your question in the wrong place. Please take your birds to an avian vet, and in the future post your question as a new question instead of a response to a question.

Dec 30, 2009
Sick baby bird
by: The Vet

This baby is very sick and needs immediate medical attention. The discoloration can be due to sitting on a hot spot on the heating pad, liver failure, infection, improper nutrition, or a number of other problems. His only chance is to find a doctor that can prescribe medications and help you with any husbandry or hand feeding techniques that may be inappropriate.

Dr B

Dec 30, 2009
baby parrot has Swollen yellow belly with sneezing and nasal discharge.
by: Linda

Hi and sorry you are having such a problem with the baby. Your bird is critically ill, and must be seen by a qualified Avian Vet if at all possible. When you say baby formula, hopefully, you are talking about baby parrot handfeeding formula as human baby formula will not work.

Your baby bird needs to be seen as there is nothing we can tell you to do without the benefit of an Avian Vet's having seen and diagnosed any problems the baby is having. This could be a combination of bacterial infection and parasites, and your bird will die unless properly diagnosed and treated.

Here is a link to help you Find an Avian Vet and I hope you can find one in your area as this is a terrible position for you and the baby to be in. Whatever is wrong with the baby, it is becoming weaker and will shortly be gone if treatment is not found. Babies are especially susceptable to bacterial infections and parasites if they are not well taken care of, which sounds like the case here.

We wish you the best and hope you can find an Avian Vet or another vet who knows about treating birds. They are unique, have no fat on their bodies, and their bones are hollow, so allowances have to made for that when prescribing medicines for them as they are easily overdosed on any medications.

Let us know what happens here, and thank you for caring about this little bird.


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