baby parrot is making noise and not opening his eyes

by nabil

i bought a baby parrot of 20-25 days last week.
his feather are yet to grow. last 3-4 days he was fine...and making little noise most of the time.
but today morning his voice was changed and he was not opening his eyes, and also there was a small blood stain on his one nosetril.
i use to feed him parrot cerelac three times a day.
i am keeping the baby parrot in a small open box with soft wooden particals in it .
so can you please let me know what to do in this case and whats the problem with the baby parrot.
plz let me know asap
waiting for your reply

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Mar 18, 2009
baby parrot is making noise and not opening his eyes
by: Anonymous

You need to contact the people who brought that bird into the world. If you see they are not type to offer assistance. Report them for their practices. For the future: Please do not be one of those people who turn to the internet for instant advice for health reasons. Birds when fallen ill need immediate action. I have been witness to so many deaths because of people looking for information on the internet during an emergency, when they needed to spend time learning about health issues, illness, grooming, clipping, FEEDING, communicating, even how to love for god sake. Establish a plan of action: phone numbers : emergency kit: clotting agents, medium towel, hollow plastic tube, pure aloe. etc...BEFORE TAKING ON SUCH A HUGE RESPONSABILITY

Mar 18, 2009
Baby bird concerns
by: Tracie

I am not a breeder, so please take your bird to an avian vet if you are concerned about it. You might also call a breeder in your area and ask them for help.

Then, you need to get with a breeder and get some experience helping a breeder before you try to raise any more baby birds.

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