Baby parrots

I have five eggs ready to be hatched this week, I thought I owned 2 female alexadrian parrots but guess I have male and female! What should I do when they hatch? Will they parents take care of them? Do I need to separate them? Will they feed the young?

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Jan 26, 2010
Baby parrots
by: Linda

Well, these are questions that could have been addressed way before now because whether the parents take care of the babies is an unknown factor. One thing you will need to take a crash course in is handfeeding baby parrot handfeeding formula with a syringe. I suggest you find a breeder in your area or on the internet who can walk you through the process. If all five eggs hatch, the smaller babies will not get fed and will be mashed flat by the larger babies.

Eggs hatch every other day, so from the first one to the last can be a lot of difference in age and size. Normally, there is a nestbox where we can take out the smaller ones and handfeed them until they have caught up in size with their older siblings. You handfeed and put them back into the box. This will help the parents as they will be overwhelmed with 5 babies to feed. In the wild usually only two babies survive because the smaller ones die of starvation.

Handfeeding parrots is a learned skill, and you need someone to actually demonstrate and then allow you to do it. It is easy to aspirate babies if you don't know what you're doing, and then babies get pneumonia and die.

So, though I wish you the best of luck, the learning you needed to do while eggs were incubating needs to be done all at once now. Also, parent birds can get pretty nasty toward humans when they have babies. The males are extremely and sometimes violently protective of the hen and babies, so unless you've done a lot of reading and talking to breeders, you may be in for some rude surprises. If the parents become too stressed, one or both will kill their babies, so I'm hoping for the best here.

After this is over, separate the two birds into individual cages until you've learned all you need to know about breeding birds and raising babies. With five eggs, they may not all be fertile. If any don't hatch on time or a few days after that, please throw them away. Birds eating contents of these eggs can poison them and death will come shortly thereafter. Albumin poisoning is like having a bad case of botchulism poisoning, and for beings this small they normally don't recover from it as it attacks the central nervous system.

So, to sum up, you need to buy and learn how to use the handfeeding formula with a syringe. You'll also need to weigh babies every day with a gram scale. If they don't gain weight every day, they are sick and will need to be treated by an Avian Vet in your area. Bacterial infections are common with babies, which is why you have to weigh them every day. If any either lose weight or don't gain weight, then the lot is sick.

Let us know how this goes when you can,

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