baby quaker 2 months drink water?

i have a 2 month old quaker parrots can they drink water or just baby bird formula

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Feb 28, 2017
When to provide water to a baby parrot
by: Yashvid

I give Cerelac (Multigrains) to my baby parrot... My question is - when should i start giving water to it...??? And at starting stage, how much quantity of water should i give..???

Jun 05, 2013
drinking water
by: Anonymous

I personally hand raised my Quakers and at the 2 month age I already had feeder bowls and water in their home cage in case they wanted to. I did not bottle feed water but had it in there with them and they start drinking it on their own fairly easy.

Jun 04, 2013
baby quaker 2 months drink water?
by: Linda

As long as they are eating baby parrot formula, they do not need drinking water. This is if you are not thickening up the formula too much. Make sure the formula is not runny but also not so thick it is hard to get it out of the syringe. This is their source of water until they are close to being weaned. The weaning process can begin around 12 weeks or 3 months, and you will still be handfeeding them at least two to three times a day. At first, they play with food more than they eat it, so they will need handfeeding accordingly. Once they can consume enough food on their own, they will begin to need less handfeeding formula. Once the weaning process begins, they can be put into separate cages so they can begin learning how to stand on perches, and then they can have water.

We highly recommend weaning them onto organic pellets like Harrison's found here and not seeds. All seed diets are slow starvation for birds, and junk pellets like Zupreem and Lafaeber are full of toxic chemicals, dyes and sugars all of which will hurt your birds.

Weaning takes time, so do not be in a big hurry for this to happen. Each bird will wean in his/her own time, and you will continue to handfeed slowly tapering off as they are able to eat more solid food.

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