Baby Rosella put back with parents?

I have just taken out my baby rosella from the aviery and put it in a small cage. It has only been out for 2days of the nest. Its got colourful feathers. I have another pair in with its mum and dad but the other male was attacking it. Should i put it back in with its mum and dad?

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Apr 24, 2010
Baby Rosella put back with parents?
by: Linda

Unless you are handfeeding this baby with baby parrot formula, you HAVE TO PUT IT BACK WITH ITS MOTHER SO SHE CAN FEED IT. If you have another pair of birds caged with this breeding pair, separate them, so the other male will not kill the babies.

I, for the life of me, do not know what you are doing here, and have an idea that you don't know what you are doing either. Unless birds are in huge flights, you cannot put breeding pairs together in any kind of in house cage because what is now happening will happen all the time.

Please separate the pairs into separate cages and put this little one back with her Mother and siblings.

My friendly and respectful advice to you, on behalf of suffering birds everywhere, is to stop with the breeding. There is no money in it unless you are not feeding them properly, not taking them to the vet regularly and/or are crowding them into too small cages hoping to get the most for your money. This is just not acceptable, and I have to say that you are making things worse for all the parrots everywhere with this kind of breeding. Take a moment to try and envision these babies' futures. They will most likely be moved around at least 10 or more times. A lot of these homes will be abusive and/or neglectful with people who have not bothered to read one book about how to care for them.They will never see a vet even when desperately ill, and will live and die alone in their misery and suffering.Those who are routinely thrown against the wall, will never see a vet because then the people would go to jail for animal abuse. I'm not talking about exceptions here, I'm talking about the lives of the majority of parrots being raised today.

Sorry to be so very blunt, but it is time someone took a stand for the parrots' welfare, and I guess it is starting with me. Hopefully, for all reading this, there will be a domino effect as we can only help birds one at a time, and it is time to get busy.

thanks for writing,

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