Baby Rosella question

by Mark

I have three 7 week old rossela parots in the same cage as the parents, at what age should i move them to another cage? they will be trained to be hand held unlike the parents which were never

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Jul 30, 2009
by: Linda

As long as the parents are still feeding them, they need to remain with them. Once they are through with that, you will need to wean them onto parrot food. I recommend you go ahead and buy some organic pellets like Harrison's, some Birdy Bread mix along with the organic Red Palm Oil that goes in it.Tracie carries the Harrisons and Goldenfeast and they are both organic with no preservatives. They need to be stored in refrigerator, after opening, and before needing to feed, take out enough for the birds so they can warm to room temperature. You may offer them to your parent birds as well as both foods are a very healthy diet for all parrots.The Goldenfeast Goldn'obles comes in little "O's" which weaning babies like to eat and play with because they can easily pick them up.

You can also introduce them to organic green leafy lettuce(no spinach),dark orange and yellow squash, plus some baked sweet potato. Bananas are also good weaning foods. Feed no more than 10% of the daily diet in fruit and veggies. Make sure all veggies and fruit are organic if you can find it as pesticides and fertilizers are dangerous for birds and humans and become a part of the veggie or fruit making them poison.

So, in another week or so, you should be able to remove babies into a large enough cage so each baby has a feeding cup and nice natural wood for perches plus some safe toys to play with.

Be sure and find reading material about your Rosellas if you have not already to learn about their overall care and feeding and training.

Also, if babies have not been to an Avian vet, take them as soon as you can as they may have a bacterial infection common to baby birds. Have vet check them out to make sure they are healthy so you will be able to enjoy them and not watch them be sick.

Weaning is a process, so keep a close eye on them to make sure they are eating enough in a day's time. Their crops should be full after a good feed.

Keep in touch as to their progress as we are here to support you in having happy, healthy birds!


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