Baby sparrow red swollen foot and yellow scabs under wings

Hi I rescued a baby sparrow of a week old and he was doing fine up until a few days ago he is now 5 weeks old and eats really well. He was starting to fly and i was teaching him to feed himself. He started not holding tightly with one foot and loosing his balance now he is just at the bottom and can not perch his foot is red and swollen he did not fall or hurt it .

I am in Saudi Arabia so we do not have the vets like in the states and Uk , i took him to the vet and they said he had a skin infection and nothing could be done .

He has yellow dry scabby areas under his wings and small yellow scab bumps on a few other places which look bad he still has areas without feathers under his body but has most of them .

What can i do first to help his foot , any antibiotic creams of bathing you can recommend . Any ideas what the yellow bumps are and what i can do I am thinking bathing might help but not sure and don't want to make it worst , he has vitamins mixed with his food would some omega oil help .

I hope you can help me with some advice as the vet says its going to get worst and there is no treatment but the vets here are not the best .

Thanks Emma

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May 17, 2011
Baby bird
by: Anonymous

I did leave him all afternoon and evening in the hope the parents would care for him i locked our dog away and went right away but when i checked back late in the evening he was cold and just laying and hadn't moved and was in a bad state . Once i warmed him up he fed and has been great for over 4 weeks. I know you are right about it being impossible to tell what is wrong with his feet and there is no Avian vets here.

He is doing better today as is walking around and is hoping onto the perch through all of this he has never lost his appetite and eats really well so i don't think he will die from it but one of his feet is badly damaged, the scabs i don't know what they are.

I hope he gets well as he is a very special bird ,thanks for posting reply.


May 16, 2011
Baby sparrow red swollen foot and yellow scabs under wings
by: Linda

Emma, I'm sorry to inform you, but without being able to take this bird to an Avian Vet, you are lost before you even get started. The yellow scabs and swollen foot could be a fungal infection and not bacterial, and there is nothing we can recommend without an Avian's Vet approval and prescription.

There is a link on this page for help in finding an Avian Vet, and if there are not any within driving distance, then this bird will die because you cannot treat problem without knowing what problem is. Do not give it any baths and do not get any over the counter creams or ointments as these will kill the bird.

If this baby was found on the ground, then you need to know that the Mother bird puts her babies out of nest when it is time for them to start learning to hunt for food. Most of the soft bill wild birds do this, and the mothers protect them and feed them while showing them how to forage for food.

It is too late now to do anything because your baby bird is in a life threatening situation. Please do what you can to Find an Avian Vet and if you cannot, just keep baby fed, watered and clean until he passes away. Sometimes we can save them, and sometimes we cannot, so please accept our gratitude and respect for trying and don't beat yourself up over this.


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