Baby sun conure feeding question

by Barbara

I have a 6 1/2 week old Sun Conure. I could use some help with a few questions I have. I was told to keep him in a small box between feeding and not introduce him to his cage until he has all of his feathers. I was also told that he is too stay on the baby bird mixture I feed him with a spoon until he has all of his feathers too. I've had him 2 weeks now and I really want him to be introduced to the cage and out of the container. Is it too soon? Can I give him some real food in addition to his formula? And finally...can I give Jim a bath yet? If someone can email me a responce I'd really appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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Nov 25, 2011
Baby sun conure feeding question
by: Linda

Until he has all his feathers, he needs to be kept in a smaller warm place like the box you spoke of. Once he has his feathers, he can be moved to a small cage and he may need some time to develop his leg muscles so he can perch. A smaller cage with perches at the low point would be very good. Also keep him covered most of the time with just the front of cage open so he can see what's going on. Getting a chill will develop into an infection, and he is too young to ward off any kind of infection.

You will continue to feed him because the weaning process cannot be started until he is nearer 12 weeks old. Do not feed him anything except his formula now as his digestive system is not ready for regular food of any kind.

Do not give him a bath as this could cause pneumonia if he gets a chill. If he's got baby food on him, then this can be cleaned off with a warm squeezed out washcloth. Make sure he is dried with a soft cotton cloth so he's not left wet. Clean food off him everytime he eats because once it sets up, it is very hard, and you don't want to take what few feathers he has off.

Once he's about 10 or 11 weeks, you can start weaning process, and this takes much time. Continue to handfeed him because he will play with food at first. I highly recommend starting him off right with orgnic pellets, and Harrison's is the best. Get the size grind that is right for him. You can try the smaller grind for weanng, and you'll need to add just a little clean, boiled or filtered water so it can soften a bit. This has to be changed every two hours as it gets rancid with the water added. A little bit of baked sweet potato can also be given, but object is for him to eat pellets, so just a little. You can also bake yellow/orange squash and give him small amount of that. Again, you're wanting him to eat majority in pellets, so keep veggies in small amounts.

You can find the organic pellets here. Do not start him on seeds because all seed diets are very unhealthy. Harrisons has a Bird Bread mix which can help with weaning and give him some variety. Also buy the Organic Red Palm oil for the oil, and the rest called for is 2 eggs and clean, boiled or filtered water. Always give clean, filtered water because tap water contains chlorine and sometimes fluoride both of which are poison. Do not give him any people food which means no salt, fat and sugar as these are also poison for birds. Do some reading on the internet about weaning your particular bird for more information.

Thanks for writing and keep in touch,

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