Baby Sun Conure with crooked tail.

by Deb

Hi I am currently handrearing a baby sun conure & noticed last week that it's tail is slightly crooked. I have had continuous nests out of this pair & have had no defects whatsover. What might be the cause of this & is there anything I can do to prevent it from what it is at the moment while it's young...4 weeks old . The bird is in perfect health & weight, thanks.

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Nov 16, 2012
Baby Sun Conure With Crooked Tail
by: Anonymous

Thanks Linda, it makes sense.

I was told that sun conures sleep in nest boxes therefore I have never removed their sleeping grounds. Believe you me I certainly don't want them breeding all the time.

Question: Can I still have them in the aviary & remove their nest box & will it psycolocially effect them?



Nov 16, 2012
Baby Sun Conure with crooked tail
by: Linda

Well, you are breeding this pair of birds way too much. You can only breed one pair of birds no more than twice per year or you risk the female becoming ill and the babies becoming weak with physical problems. It does not matter that the birds want to breed continuously, because they don't know what's good for them. You do, and you need to limit this to no more than two times a year per pair. Each time the female lays eggs, her energy level goes down from producing the eggs. It takes nutrition from her body, and her body will actually start feeding on itself sooner or later. This is called overbreeding, and it is not necessary to be doing this.

So, take the baby to an Avian Vet and see if the feathers are just bent or if this is a genetic physical anomoly, i.e. having an xray done of end of spine..

By the way, it does not matter that the female is eating more or all she wants. The damage from constantly having to produce eggs not to mention feeding the babies takes its toll. The hens get sick and die just like chickens do when they are constantly laying. Please give this bird a rest. Two times a year is quite enough for one bird, and the wild birds outside normally limit their breeding to twice a year as well. It may look like they are constantly breeding, but you are seeing other pairs' babies not just one or two pairs of birds.


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