Baby Sun Conure with weak/useless toe

Hi, I just adopted a Sun Conure from a breeder two days ago. She is 10 and a half weeks old.

The next day, when she started becoming more active, I noticed that she was having difficulty moving around her cage. I first thought that this was normal because she is a baby.

However, it appears that she cannot use one of her left toes. It is the inner front one that is supposed to curl backward. Instead, the last joint sticks straight up and i believe she is unable to move it.

When she grips my hand, she does not wrap that toe around my finger. The same applies when she perches. She does grip with the toe of the other foot.

When I hold that toe and press/squeeze it, she does not seem to react with any kind of flinching or pain.

She is currently on a seed diet and I am working to switch her over to pellets.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you. I am planning to take her to see a vet at the end of this week, if the problem persists.

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Aug 16, 2011
Baby with deformed toe
by: Tracie

Dr B won't be able to help with this, so I am glad you are taking the bird to an avian vet this week.

This happens sometimes with birds. It could have been injured or it could be a defect. The avian vet will be able to tell when examining the bird.

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