baby sun counure hand feeding

i have a 6 week baby sun conure that i am hand feeding he seems to be loosing wieght he is on 2 feedings a day the morning feeding he will not eat he is flapping his wings and took 1 flight he is eating 15 cc at both feedings he is 98 grams is that a low wieght for a sun conure

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Mar 28, 2011
just a weaning baby!
by: Kate

Like Linda mentioned below, you should always have your baby checked out by an avian vet regardless. Babies are indeed prone to infections. However, over a 2 year period working with and raising exotic birds, I have successfully weaned approximately 20+ sun conures and your baby's actions sound typical to me, so here is my input:

Sun conures generally wean at the age of 7-11 weeks of age. If your baby is refusing his first morning feeding, this is GOOD! It means he is ready to wake up in the morning and forage on his own, rather than depend on his "Parents" (you!) This is what they do in the wild. Make sure you have warm, moistened weaning pellets available for your baby as well as fresh fruits and veggies ALL day. He should not be deprived of food to pick at just because he is still a "baby". He SHOULD pick at this throughout the whole day until he is hungry enough at nighttime for his mamma to feed him! At this age, one feeding per day is appropriate. Millet I find is an AWESOME weaning food as well.

Also, always make sure he is weighed first thing in the morning before he eats anything. This is where you will get the most accurate weight, and hopefully you are keeping a log of his weights and his feedings. 98 grams just below the average weight for a sun, generally they will vary anywhere from 100-125g at adult do not worry! He is getting there! A 15cc portion is perfect, but if you cut down to this one feeding you may want to offer 20cc even though he may not want it all.

Always make sure the baby food is at the right temperature an consistency, but to me, it sounds like he is showing all of the signs of a healthy baby who is just growing up!!

You will know when baby is fully weaned. He will completely refuse ANY feedings (meaning he will try to squirm away and shut his beak so tight like a child does when he is trying to be forced to eat broccoli!) Like I said, this will happen anywhere from 7-11 weeks. Well, thats what I have to say about it. GOODLUCK!!

Mar 28, 2011
baby sun counure hand feeding
by: Linda

You don't move to two feedings a day with any baby parrot until they are either very close to weaning time or are being weaned. Your baby bird is not getting enough to eat. First thing that needs to be done here is to take him to be examined by an Avian vet for bacterial infections. If he is NOT gaining weight EVERYDAY, then he is sick and has been sick. Healthy babies are more than ready to eat at every meal, and in his case it should be at least 3 times a day if not 4, so ask the avian vet their opinion. It could be that food is not warm enough, but my money is on an infection which is quite common with baby birds coming from breeders. Baby parrot handfeeding formula is the only thing to feed too which I think you must be using.

The problem with sick babies is they will not last long on a starvation regime, so get him to avian vet immediately and make sure you are heating the food up enough once he is back home. He will probably need meds, so do exactly as the avian vet says. Meds cannot be heated which means giving them to him as prescribed using an eye dropper or the small syringe.

Your baby is in trouble here, and in future, remember that if a baby parrot does not gain weight everyday, it is sick and needs to be diagnosed and treated by an avian vet.They die quickly, so there is never any time to waste in getting them taken care of.

Thanks for writing and let us know how the little guy does.


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