baby tiel with stretched crop

by Lissa
(Bear Creek, PA. USA)

I have a 18 day old baby tiel, that I pulled the night before last to handfeed. When I went to feed him yesterday morning, his crop was still full, so I gave him just some water with acv in it, and waited for a few hours. He was pooping normally BTW. His crop wasn't hard, it felt soft, but full. by late yesterday afternoon, he still wasn't emptying, so I called our local vet and took him over.He did some tests.. No yeast or no bacteria..

He said his crop was stretched, and emptied him out, and put a crop bra on him. He also told me only pedialyte until this am, and then only 5 cc's of very thin formula, and to wait for him to empty again before feeding a second feeding.. well now his poops are black, with very little urates and pretty solid looking. I tried to contact the vet, but he is out of the office until Tuesday, and hes the only vet that does birds within 50 miles of us. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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May 17, 2008
Baby Tiel with black droppings
by: The Vet

Are your birds vaccinated for polyomavirus? If not, they should be. This is potentially a polyomavirus case. However, there are other possibilities. The black droppings indicate that no food is getting into the intestines and the black is from bile and no feces being present. The next step should be done by an avian veterinarian - the crop needs to be evacuated an antibiotic and an antifungal administered into the empty crop. Even though bacteria and yeast were not identified, these organisms grow within 24 hours and are likely present now that the crop has been static for this long.

In addition, supportive care needs to be administered, such as sub-q fluids and heat (90-95ºF). Do not feed watered down food even when the crop is not emptying, but don't put more food in the crop if it has not emptied. Once the crop is evacuated, then you can feed formula that is normal thickness, but only feed 2-3 cc per feeding until the crop starts to empty again. A veterinarian can also give medication that will cause the crop to contract, it is called metaclopromide (Reglan).

This is a serious situation that requires constant management. If you do not have experience dealing with severe crop stasis (and your veterinarian does) then you should hospitalize the bird. Or, treat him at home and gain the experience of handling this problem.

You should also investigate the parents to see if they have subclinical health problems that contribute to this problem. POLYOMAVIRUS - VACCINATE. The parents can carry yeast that will contribute to this. Also bacteria can be carried by the parents. Also the parents diet can contribute. They should be eating mostly pellets that are not colored or filled with sugar and artificial preservatives. Harrison's is the best to feed.

Dr B

May 16, 2008
Baby tiel problem
by: Tracie

There are no guarantees that Dr. B will see your post in time for that bird to live. It sounds very serious. Maybe you can get another vet to consult over the phone or contact other breeders in your area that might have some experience with this?

Hoping this all works out for the little one.

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