Baby Yellow Napes pull to hand feed

by thomas

i have baby yellows nape just hatched, if i wait untill ther a month old before i pull them an hand feed them, is that to late to start to feed them an make them lovning pets, i normally pull at 2 wks, but im unable to this time ,,any comments

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Aug 14, 2012
Baby Yellow Napes pull to hand feed
by: Linda

Thomas, do not worry about this. You can wait until even 4 to 5 weeks to pull them because the Amazons cannot be started on the weaning process until they are 3 to 4 months old. By that time, they have all their feathers and will not need additional heat to keep them warm. They will need a regular cage since they will be larger. I suggest you let the mother feed them as long as is possible because it is good for them physically and emotionally to stay with her longer. The younger the baby, the more problems can happen during the handfeeding process.Emotionally, they can be damaged by being pulled too young. The smaller babies may need some supplementation before you pull all of them. If you need to do this, take out the two smaller ones and feed them a couple times a day and put them back in the nestbox with their Mother and Siblings. Once they are larger, they can compete with the older babies for food. We did this a lot with our Cockatiels because the little ones could not eat and were stood on by the larger babies.

Also, make sure you're feeding high quality baby parrot handfeeding formula. When it's time to begin weaning, get them weaned onto a high quality organic pellet like Harrisons found here. If parents are eating all seed diets, they are not as healthy as they should be, so when weaning the babies, you may wish to change the parents over to the pelleted diet as well.

When people are interested in buying your babies, show them what they are eating, where to get it and how much per day they should be feeding. Pellets should be 80-85% of total diet with fruit and veggies only 10-15% of total diet meaning smaller amounts a few times a week. Harrisons makes a great bird bread mix which is readily eaten by all birds and helps with the weaning for babies and changing over for the parents. Feed NO human food whatsoever.

The parents and babies need to be examined by an Avian Vet before weaning for babies and changing to pellets for the adults. Your babies need to have certificates of good health before being sold which makes moving to a new home easier for the birds.

Write back anytime as we are always here and enjoy talking "birds".


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