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Oct 25, 2009
Vestibular Problems with Amazon
by: Anonymous

My Amazon was cultured after this for yeast infections and has none. We did feed her baby food after we noticed her losing weight. We also mixed in Emeraide. We have a safe heater near her cage, and we are in the process of limiting the vertical space in her cage so she does not get hurt. I read articles by Vets and researchers that said antibiotics can cause this. They do something to the hair cells in the ear. The one article said birds can regenerate some hair cells. Are you familiar with this. If this is the case what is the best form of treatment? The Vet that gave her these meds never told me of these side effects, and said he can't do any more for her. I need to find someone familiar with Vestibular disorders in birds from antiobiotics, can you help me? I need to be able to contact them, and talk to them about this. She has had every test done and is perfectly healthy otherwise, so I am 200 % positive this is what is wrong with her.

Editor's note: Is this the same person or are you responding to the original question? You listed your name as Anonymous.

Oct 23, 2009
Amazon parrot with infection
by: The Vet

Amikacin is not a good antibiotic to use in birds because it can cause kidney failure. Sick birds can be weak and lose their balance. There may be disease or illness unrelated to the bacterial infection. She could be loosing her balance because of a poor wing clip, or trimmed nails, or the perches are too big. To me it does not sound like your bird is well and you need to follow up his care with blood work to be sure he is OK.

You should be very concerned and have her rechecked.

Dr B

Oct 22, 2009
Balance in Amazon
by: Linda

You need to take your bird back to the Avian vet who treated her in the first place. Cover her travel cage up so it is nice and warm with no possibility of a draft and take her in. This balance problem can be an effect of too many drugs for too long or it could be something else that may or may not go away.

Your best bet is to make appointment, get car warmed up, cover bird's travel cage and take her on in for an exam. If she took all those medications for 3 months, she could now have a fungal yeast infection which gets in their throats, ears and other parts of their bodies. She would need to be given anti-fungal drugs.

Let us know what vet has to say about this, and I would suggest you get her out of her tall cage at least temporarily so she does not fall and injure herself. We have Amazons, and we have a smaller cage we all "the hospital" cage where they stay if ill or injured as they have a very large tall cage too. You can cover a smaller cage easier too which will give her additional warmth.

Your bird lost way too much weight. A bird that sick has to be handfed baby parrot formula using a syringe. Sick birds don't feel like eating, and a drastic weight loss like that can cause heart, kidney or liver failure. Anytime your bird goes off his feed, because of illness, get some baby parrot handfeeding formula and a 50-60cc tipped syringe and mix formula according to directions and feed warmed up so bird can digest it. Be careful to not try and put too much food in bird's mouth at once. Give them some and allow them to swallow before putting in more. Just put tipped syringe in side of mouth, and feed gradually. If you get in a hurry or put the syringe too far into mouth, you can cause bird to aspirate food which will cause major problems. Get your vet to demonstrate how to use the syringe.

Sick birds who have gone off feed, DO NOT WANT TO EAT, so be prepared for a bit of a fight the first few times you handfeed. We had to do it with a very sick Blue Front years ago, and she would have died if we had not handfed her several times a day for weeks. She developed a fungal yeast infection after all the antibiotics which had to be treated which was why I mentioned it.

Let us know how it goes and what vet has to say.


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