Bald patch on chest.

by Megan
(Centreville, Va)

Hello, I've had my sun conure for about a month and a half now. He's really starting to molt but I found a very small bald patch on his upper part of his chest after a bath. You can only see it when he's wet and its pretty small. I've seen him itching a lot where his blood feathers are coming in and he was clean in his check up about a month ago by an avian vet. Is that bald spot normal or could he be plucking out of boredom?

Also, I have two dogs (one is very aggressive toward my sun) and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to spend a sufficient amount of quality time with both the dogs and my sun. Would you have any tips as to how I can spend time with one without making the other jealous?

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Jan 26, 2013
Bald patch on chest
by: Anonymous

A few years ago I received a Quaker parrot from a family that was abusive to it and didn't want it anymore. When I got the bird, she had a bald patch on her chest from plucking due to stress from her previous home. At the time I had a cat who was curious about the bird and would spend hours staring at it. The cat was too fat to jump on the table where the bird was kept so I didn't think it would do any harm. When I interacted with the bird, I always put the cat in another room.

After a while the plucking became worse and my bird would self mutilate to the point of excessive bleeding. I tried everything to get her to stop. In December of 2011 my cat passed away. Ever since then, the plucking stopped and my birds' feathers grew back. Even though the cat never bothered the bird, I think just her presence in the house was too stressful. I know cats and birds are mortal enemies, but when you have other pets around a bird it does cause a certain amount of stress.

Jan 25, 2013
Bald patch on chest
by: Tracie

Bald spots are never normal, so I would call your avian vet and tell him/her about it since the bird was just there a month ago.

You can put the dog out of the room to spend time with the bird. We put a large note on our door when the bird is out, and then block the door so that it can not be opened from the outside to keep the bird safe from our dog.

If the bird makes noise when the dog is in the room, then you need to train both the dog and the bird. Train the dog to leave the cage alone, and train the bird to have a different behavior than making a loud noise, like maybe teach it to tap a rope toy or something. Parrot Training page

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