bald spot on budgie

by ali

hi by budgie has a bald spot on his neck that has been there for a bout a year. feather shafts are growing but never any of the fuzzy part of the fearther. he is 3 years old and i have a female budgie who's feathers are normal.

thank you, ali

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Oct 30, 2010
bald spot on budgie
by: Linda

If you have both birds in same cage, she is pulling his feathers out. She will continue to do this until his feathers no longer come back in, and then she will move to other areas.

Please put birds in separate cages immediately and most likely leave them in separate cages.

I have a pair of Amazon parrots who are bonded, over 30 years old and have raised several nests of babies. Some years' ago, she started pulling his neck feathers out and before I really understood what she was doing, he had almost no feathers coming back in. As it is, he has some feathers covering a bald spot as the down feathers never came back in.

So, separate your birds and the sooner the better as this will not stop until you do. My birds are in a big Macaw flight cage with a divider in the middle so they can see and touch each other, and she cannot get close enough to hurt him anymore.


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