balding head but feathers are growing back

by amanda
(union grove wisconsin)

Hi my name is amanda I have a parakeet he is roughly two or three now I got him at petco he has been healthy his whole life. I started a job where he doesn't see me as much but there is still people activity in the house. I came home one even and notice two tiny balding spots.

I bought him a bird bath in case of winter coming and the house being dry.and I look and it looks like his feathers are coming back . Btw the balding did get a little worse over the days but now feathers are coming in.

Does that mean he still could have a parasite or ringworm even though he seems healthy eating chirping doing what he normally does and his feathers are coming back

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Dec 03, 2013
by: Alex

Hi, bald patches on a budgie are never good signs.

Where are the bald patches?

Could he be plucking the area? (You won't necessarily see him do it).

Is he alone?

If not, then could another bird be plucking him?

Does he have enough toys?

Does he get enough interaction with others?

What is his diet like? (What does he eat?)

Budgies get bored very quickly with nothing to keep them occupied.

Budgies are very social creatures and need a lot of human or other budgie interaction.

The bird could be losing feathers for a number of reasons, and although you state that the feathers are coming back, he should still be examined by an avian vet as it will most likely happen again if the cause is not identified and treated.

My bird started plucking and she became very ill and stressed by it.

Her chest was so sore, she cried out in pain waking me every morning and she cried out throughout the day. Her whole chest was red raw and bare of feathers.

The area is obviously giving him discomfort and left untreated may become sore and inflamed from trying to get at the itch or pain.

Also once the bird is healthy, it would be a good idea to convert him to either Roudybush or Harrison's pellets. They are organic and contain the nutrition a budgie needs. Seeds contain next to no nutrition and are just full of fat. They should be used as treats.

I can vouch for Harrison's, my birds love it.

Tracie should able to give you the conversion advice links.

Conversion and pellets is also something you can discuss with the avian vet.

Let us know how the budgie gets on at the vets and keep us updated.

Thanks for taking the time to seek advice for your cute little budgie.

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