BAND just fell off while on the shoulder!

by Morales
(Brooklyn, New York, US)

Sun Conure, Skittles wants to tell us the TRUTH! but she can't!

Sun Conure, Skittles wants to tell us the TRUTH! but she can't!

Hi, We have an almost year old Sun Conure. We had a neighbor who has two other love birds baby sit our Parrot (Sun Conure). We figured the neighbor has some experience with birds. Anyway, long story short, the bands look like they could never come off unless they were cut off.

We went away for three days and when we came back we noticed that one was missing. The parrot seemed alert, fine, no signs of injury nothing! She has a band on each of her legs. The sitter handed over the band and said it just fell off, don't know what happened.

Unless my parrot is hoodini I don't believe the story. I am not that close to the neighbor but it was an urgent need for a sitter. Since the day, never saw a problem, my bird is fine. How in the world can a BAND just fall off. She has big hands/feet. Impossible.

Can a band just fall off without a hassle and how come the other one doesn't just fall off too?

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Jul 08, 2012
Bands will be taken off for further safety!
by: Skittles MOMMY

Thank you everyone for your comments. We will have the 2nd one removed by the VET. We will never know what happened to the other one and we know if wasn't too big or it would have came off a long time ago, and we know that is was a HARD METAL PRODUCT/ STEEL and that can't dissolve just like that. But we are grateful that she wasnt injured! She is doing great these days. Our spoiled baby. lol/ TAke care all and thank you again.

Jun 28, 2012
Band on bird should be removed
by: The Avian Vet

It is possible that the band fell off on its own if it were to large. I see bands that are too large frequently. I recommend removing the bands to prevent injury.

Dr B

Jun 27, 2012
Band just fell off - reply
by: Morales, Bklyn, New York

Hi Linda,

Thank you for the info, actually the band is METAL. Thats why we felt it would have been impossible for it to fall off. Both Bands are Metal. The recent visit to the VET confirmed that it would have to be cut off if we wanted them to come off. It is the weirdest thing. / I will arrange for the other one to get cut off by the Vet but I just don't get it. I just don't get it. It is too strange for us. Now I failed to share that my husband got a different story. One said it fell off while on the shoulder and the other said it was at the bottom of the cage. Whatever the case it was, I am glad her legs and toes are fine, she is doing great and band free from one leg. That is the LAST time I leave my parrot with them! Today a Band tomorrow a LEG! I guess unless my Parrot learns to speak clearly, I will never know will I. Thank you so much again for the INFO.

Jun 27, 2012
BAND just fell off while on the shoulder!
by: Linda

If the bands are made of plastic, they can rot and fall off. If they are made of metal which most breeders do not use, they have to be cut off with a bolt cutter. In the days of importing wild caught birds, all had these metal bands put on at quarantine stations which had to be taken off using bolt cutters. There is NO reason for pet birds to have the bands left on their legs because they can and do cause injury to the birds if something gets caught in them.Keep all paperwork associated with the purchase of your birds in case anyone asks about it. I think New York requires proof that birds are not illegally imported wild caught birds.

So, if your neighbor did, in fact, remove the bands, she did your bird a favor. I don't understand why she would lie about it, and that's another story I guess.

So, metal bands have to be removed for bird's safety and is done using a bolt cutter with the other person carefully holding bird's leg in place. Needless to say, this should probably be done by an Avian Vet and can be done at home if you are very careful.

Plastic bands also can cause injury, and they sometimes rot and fall off or can be removed with a smaller, less dangerous tool. If ever the band is cutting off circulation, make sure bird is taken immediately to an Avian Vet for it to be removed. Once leg begins swelling, the removal of the band becomes dangerous and needs the expertise of a professional.


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