bands around parrots ankles

by mai

a few weeks ago i took my African greys to the vet for checkup. When he saw the bands around their ankles he offered to remove them because although the bands were very loose, (he was able to fold a toe and slipped right off), their ankles were getting calloused because of where the bands rested on the ankle. I did give him permission to remove them. there really was no info on the band , just a number. I have kept the bands for fear that if i need to see a different vet in an emergency (God forbid), he won't believe that i had them removed. I was told by a mutual friend that the band just proves that they were bred legally in the U.S and that they weren't smuggled in.

When i adressed my concerns to the vet he advised me that vets are not the police and his job is to secure the health of my birds. I'm happy that the bands are off and their ankles healed perfectly, but now i fear that removing their bands might cause me to lose my birds.. Is this true or did i do the right thing?
I do have the bands and plan to wear them in a chain around my neck for fear of losing them.

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Aug 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

try to buy a new band for its leg do u remmeber the number

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