Barbados Cherry?

I would like to know if the Barbados Cherry is safe to use in my outside aviary? The fruit, leaves and bark? I know that most cherries are toxic but have seen that the Barbados is safe. Can you confirm this for me? I have been 2 years planning this aviary for my 11 birds, complete with top cover, shallow (bathing) waterfall, tropical trees (banana, ponytail palm and bird safe ferns and flowers),and bamboo playgym. I would value your opinion about this Barbados Cherry. I know that is is extremely high in vitamin C.
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LaNelle Wolters

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Jun 23, 2011
Barbados Cherry in bird aviary?
by: Tracie

I have not heard of the Barbados Cherry. Below is what Dr Vaden has to say, and I trust him. According to our non-toxic for birds list cherry trees are not safe.

Cherry: "Some sources debate about cherry wood being bad to pet birds, for a lack of substantial confirmed cases - although confirmed cases of problems for a few dogs and horses is apparent. Some folks lean toward using cherry wood, but not the bark, under the premise that the chemicals are primarily in the cambium - layer under the bark. Do you know what that layer is? Do you see what I'm getting at here?

When there are an abundance of sure safe woods, why use one that has bark with potential bad stuff in it? Suppose there are no confirmed cases of dead birds from cherry. If cherry turns out to be a subtle problem, would you want your bird to be the first confirmed case? I suspect there are cases not documented. There must be hundreds of birds dying each year due to real causes that we don't know about."

I suggest you contact Dr Vaden at and discuss this with him.

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