bare spot under chin of my timneh grey

by joe spicer

Does timneh greys have a bare spot under chin?

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Jan 29, 2012
same question
by: Lori

I have a blue fronted amazon and I am not sure why I have not noticed this before but he has a bare spot right under his lower beak , just pale pink looking not sore but I just don't remember seeing it . I wondered if this is normal , we have not had him more than a few months. Wanted to make sure its not anything i am feeding him. Any info would be great !

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Jan 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have a Congo Grey and there is a bare spot its the area closest to the beak , not sure of exact location on your bird .On the my Congo you can see a space between the skin and the beak . If this is the area your talking about it suppose to be there .

Jan 26, 2012
Bare spot under bird's chin
by: Tracie

If you are speaking of the place connected to the bottom of the beak, that is kind of hollow.

If you are saying the bird has a bare spot on the neck, where the feathers have either fallen out or have been picked, then this is not normal.

If your bird is missing feathers, then please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird to rule out disease or infection.

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