Bare spot under lower beak

We have a blue front amazon , I have noticed that he has a bare spot right under his lower beak . I did not notice this when we first got him, it's possible he has always had it but I find it strange it did not notice it . Is this normal ?? It is just a light pink color spot of skin , not sore looking . Is this something to be worried about ? Any info would be great , thank you

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Jan 31, 2012
bare spot under lower beak.
by: Anonymous

All birds have that tiny pink spot of flesh under the lower mandible.

Long as it's pink-fleshy looking then its fine.

However, please remember, birds need vets too, and should be taken in for a wellness check-up once a year.

Birds won't always tell you they are sick until they are moments from death. It's more vital to keep your bird healthly with wellness check ups bc of that. In the wild, sick birds are easy prey. So they will pretend to be well until they just drop dead. They're not like owning a cat and dog.

Please find and establish your bird with an avian vet. These vets specialize in bird care. Honestly, my avian vet is cheaper then the vet I was talking my cat to.

Good luck, and enjoy your feathered friend!

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