bark off for my dog hurt bird?

by Debi Oliver
(Cary, NC)

Will the bark off device thaqt you sit in your house effect or hurt our parrots ears, my bird barks like a dog

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Apr 26, 2012
bark off for my dog hurt bird?
by: Anonymous

Honestly, I don't know if it would hurt your bird's ears. I know my friend had a cat and used that on her dog. Her cat was not phased by it.

So would it affect your bird? Hard to say.
Give it a try, see how the bird reacts. Only do it for a short second just in case.

Dogs hear much higher pitches and frequencies then people, and most other animals. Your bird may not be affected.

If your bird allows, Try moving him to another room when using the bark off with the dog. Some birds don't mind being moved from room to room, other birds stress. My bird goes all over the house, and has play areas all over. She would be easy to move from ears range. If your bird doesnt stress, move her to a different room while training the dog.

Getting your dog to stop barking, wont stop the bird from doing it. But look on the bright side, one less animal noise to try to teach her!

You should be able to call a local avian vet and ask them. My avian vet has email, so I can ask them questions like this, with a 24 hr response time. I assume your bird has a vet? He would be the best person to ask. especially since Dr.B doesnt post on the forums often, due to being busy.

Good luck with the dog! Remember to be patient while training the dog, Even with bark off, training takes time and patience.

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