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I have a pair of barrabands that i'm trying to pair off. They are in adjoining pens at the moment with double wiring in between. She keeps asking him to feed her through the wire and he keeps bobing up and down and flashing his eyes the other side of the wire. If i open the door she can't get in fast enough and he can't get away from her fast enough. She chases him round the aviary and eventually he gets fed up and attacks her so i have to separate them again. Once separated she starts asking him to feed her and he starts bobbing and flashing his eyes again as though nothing has happened.
Is this normal behaviour for 2 adults when put together. They both had mates before and have lost them. The cock bird is 11 years and the hen is 5 years. He lost his mate 2 years ago and she lost hers last year. Thank you

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May 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

I'm not familiar with the Barraband, but sounds like they are wanting to breed but things are not as they want them. Firstly, if you have a bird club in your area or know a breeder for this species contact them about this. Most times, if females are ready to mate, there will already be a nestbox in cage. A lot of species won't begin the mating until there is a nestbox present in the cage. Also, some breeds are just more aggressive than others and real harm can come from putting them together at all. I've seen lovebirds kill their mates for no reason at all. Also Cockatoos and Toucans can do this as well. Be careful to make sure all is right for them before putting them together again.

I'd try and find out information on your species of bird by looking on the internet for bird clubs in your area or breeders of these birds. Someone else out here may have the answer to your questions without doing the research, but if not, let them stay separated until you know more about breeding habits of these birds. A lot of times, introducing the male into the female's cage will work, but maybe not in this case. Let us know how this "star-crossed" love affair progresses!

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