bathing parrot

by Kym
(Boonville, IN)

how often should i give my african grey parrot a shower?

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Mar 21, 2012
Bathing parrot
by: Anonymous

While I love my bird very much and spend a lot of time with him, I will not take him in the shower.
He is curious and always tasting things so I would sure hate to have him taste some shampoo or chew on my toothbrush while I'm not looking as someone I know had their bird die after eating toothpaste. I mist him every day with just plain water. He is not a fan of taking a bath although he does dive into his water dish every now and then. I have tried all kinds of bowls and bird baths but he won't get in anything so I am misting every day and his feathers are fine.

Mar 20, 2012
bathing your parrot.
by: Anonymous

My avian vet recommends bathing my bird once a day. Either with a spray bottle misting above the head to let the water trickle down on her...

Or take her into the shower with me. They have perches for showers you can buy.

I have a table top perch I take into the shower, and spray her down with the shower head while her perch is on the bottom of the shower. This is to get her used to the shower, so she doesnt fall off the perch in the meantime. (as she is only a cpl months old still)

Just use plain water, no shampoos unless they are formulated JUST for birds only.

Keep the water just at room temp. Also, you can have your bird perch on the counter in the bathroom (make sure its bird safe) And let them enjoy the steam from the shower.

Mar 18, 2012
by: Derek Gray

I take my grey in the shower with me everyday she loves it and i mist her with a spray bottle they live in a humid area so they need to be misted everyday if they don't go in the shower I've also bought a bath to put in the cage so she can bath when she wants or just play in the water as far as I've been told bathing is good all the time just don't let them get wet b4 they go to bed or they can get sick

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